The entire SECOND. floor has a capacity of 800. The private entrance is located on 849 6th Avenue. 

Window Room - A 2500 sq. ft. enclosed glass terrace space with floor to ceiling windows opening to the large plaza below. There is a central bar perfect for cocktails or dinner parties. This room is positioned directly across from the 30 foot projection screen, or 'Big Screen Plaza', which can serve any and all creative needs: social media, photo booth uploads, or private screenings. This room has a 100-300 guest capacity. 

Great Room - 3600 sq. ft. of completely raw open space that can be transformed for a day or night event. This also overlooks the plaza and is at eye level with the 'Big Screen.' The Great Room is the most customizable, made up of a retractable wall that can be opened or closed depending on the size of the event. There is also a large canvas tent hanging from the 11 foot ceiling that is also available for intimate dinners, wine tastings, weddings, or any other special occasion! This room has a 300-800 guest capacity. 

Study - This private room, which opens to the adjacent Window Room, has a one-of-a-kind custom-built long table that comfortably seats 24. The table can be modified for a smaller conference or dinner. The Study has up to a 24 guest capacity.